ELEKER was established in 2013 and is owned by HENCA (Hong Kong) Limited, the company is mainly engaged in the design and development of power supply products.

ELEKER has designed and sold the products incluing energy storage power supply, car starting power supply, mobile power supply, home charger, wireless charger, car charger, charging/data cable.

ELEKER has more than 100 in-house designed products, and we have a professional R&D team that can develop and customize unique products for other brands. Manufacturers are also provided with technical solutions and application modules.

The company's product purpose and characteristics:

• Product design is based on practicality.

• Product quality is based on safety and durability.

• Product prices are based on affordable and value for money criteria.

We design and develop independently, from product conception, design, technology research and development, can be independently completed, including: product appearance, product structure, electronic circuit, software programming, PCB circuit, packaging.

The products developed and produced by the company in the past include: 65W-100W adjustable voltage mobile power supply, 10W-100W charger, emergency starting power supply for automobiles, super capacity power supply. In the past 2 years, we have developed 600W/1000W/1500W to 3500W fast charging and energy storage power supplies with APS (Automatic Power Switching) function according to market demand.

In line with the needs of customers, the company has completed development and mass production of Apple MFi products in the past few years, including: MFi smart keyboards, MFi chargers and data cables.

We continue to invest in technology research and development, constantly improve the design, and create more practical and beautiful products. We hope to continue to serve customers with "high-quality products, good services, and value-for-money prices".